Yard Waste Removal

Eco Junk Removal is a yard waste removal specialist!  Is there a big pile of yard waste in your backyard that you’re not sure what to do about?  It might consist of dead branches, dry grass, brush trimmings, decaying logs, random garbage, rotting pieces of wood, and rusted out metal, among other things.  No problem!  We’ll take care of it, pronto!

Big pile of yard waste

We Have The Expertise & Equipment

Removing yard waste sounds easy enough, but actually getting it done is another story!  Poison Ivy is a real danger and you never know where it can be lurking in your yard.  And then, do you have the means to safely transport the yard debris to the nearest processing facility?  Driving down the highway with random brush clippings and debris in the back of your pickup truck is not a good idea!

Our Yard Waste Removal Services

Check out what we can do with your yard waste and debris!

yard waste before image

Yard Waste - Before

Here’s a large pile of random yard waste a homeowner called us to pick up.  No problem!

yard waste after image

Yard Waste - After

It’s not magic, just hard work!  We safely and efficiently removed all the yard debris from the homeowner’s back yard and performed a final rake to clean up the area.


Average Savings

Don’t bother calling one of the big junk conglomerates!

Unless you want to wait a week for service and pay an average of $50 more per visit.  Eco Junk Removal is your local, economical source for yard waste removal services.  Shop local, buy local!

More About Yard Waste Pickup & Collection

Yard waste is any botanical greenery, plant-based debris that occurs as a result of landscaping maintenance activities.  It’s usually collected in a large pile until it becomes an eye-sore and too large for an average homeowner to handle on their own. 

It’s getting more and more challenging to find facilities that will accept yard debris, and of course, you have the main problem of bagging it all up in the proper yard waste bags in order to transport it or have it picked up by your local garbage collection service.  So how do you get rid of that big pile of rubbish in your backyard?  Well, it’s simple – just call us!

At Eco Junk Removal, we realize that yard waste removal can be a tricky job so we’re here to keep it simple for you!  We’ll do all the hard work for you and give your yard a nice, final clean up.

We are experts at the proper transportation and disposal of yard waste.  All of the yard debris we pick up gets recycled at the appropriate facilities in the Niagara region.  We sort any garbage and scrap metal from the pile before disposing of the yard waste.

Here’s a brief list of the yard waste we can pick up: leaves, grass clippings, twigs, larger branches, mulch, brush clippings, shrubs, tree trunks and decaying parts, holiday trees, animal and other biological waste, hedge trimmings, random garbage, scrap metal, rusted out metal, uprooted weeds, uprooted plants, landscaping paver stones and patio stones.


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