is junk removal free

One of the most important parts of getting any project started is budgeting, and when you are looking to hire professionals to aid in the process, it is important to know what sorts of prices to expect in order to properly develop said budget. When you are considering something like junk removal services to help in cleaning up your property, you should know what exactly they offer, as well as how much their services typically cost.

When utilizing a junk removal service, you are effectively hiring a team of people to safely and properly dispose of debris, yard waste, electronics, appliances, furniture, and other general junk/clutter you are looking to part with. This team of professionals will be trained in the safe removal and proper off-loading of your waste; they will be equipped with a container truck in order to transport everything to its proper area of disposal, typically a local dump, and will have the equipment required to do so (dollies, skids, hand trucks, ramps, etc.). The pricing for the job is generally determined by how long it takes, coupled with how full the truck is, and what sorts of materials are being off-loaded; you may also experience transportation fees if your clean-up requires multiple truckloads, or if you are a long ways from your nearest waste disposal facility. Now that we have gone over some of the things that determine the prices of your local junk removal services, let’s delve further, this time into the numbers side of things.

Your junk removal professionals will determine a large amount of the cost through how much of the truck is occupied by junk. Let’s quickly run through the measurements and the approximate cost of each one. A minimum load, which is under 10 square feet, is about $60-$100, for one-eighth of a load, which is 10-20 square feet can be $100-$150, for three-eighths to half a load, which is 30-40 square feet, can run you anywhere from $250-$350, for five-sixths to seven-eighths of a load, which is 50-70 square feet, you can be expected to pay $400-$520, and finally, for a maximum load, of 80 square feet you can pay an upwards of $550-$620.

Keep in mind these prices are estimates only. The weight of the items also matters, sometimes more than the volume of space they occupy. At Eco Junk Removal, we like to consider both the weight and volume of the items you need to have removed. Plus, we don’t charge any minimums!

Something else that determines the pricing of your haul is what types of materials need to be disposed of. For example, if you have kitchen appliances, particularly refrigerators, freezers, and water coolers, your junk removal team will have to pay a fee for their disposal, as they cannot be broken down like your typical garbage due to the refrigerant gases inside. The disposal fees for these such appliances can range anywhere from $25-$50 depending on your local waste management site. You can also find charges like these for renovation materials, like unused paint, since it cannot be recycled, it can cost $5-$10 per gallon to dispose of. Electronics like old monitors, television screens, computers, etc. Also render an additional fee for disposal because of their complex circuitry, making them ineligible for regular dumping, these fees can also vary from $25-$50 dollars.

There are a lot of aspects to account for during a junk removal job, so it is best to take all of these into consideration when it comes to hiring a team of professionals to aid in your clean-up. Remember that prices can and will vary based on which materials you are disposing of, so it is a good idea to budget in any additional costs.