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Eco Junk Removal proudly serves clients in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  We are yard waste removal specialists, plus we’re available for any other junk removal and debris removal services you require.

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Junk Removal For Your Business

Junk Removal For Your Home

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Ready to Save?

If you’ve ever called one of the big junk removal companies and booked an appointment for an estimate, only to have to wait for them to visit your home and give you a shockingly high price, you’re not alone!  We started Eco Junk Removal because we felt there was a need for fairly priced junk removal services in the Niagara region.  We can give you an estimate right over the phone, and if you don’t like our price, no problem, you can look for someone else.  At least we didn’t waste your time with an appointment and pressure you into a price you weren’t happy with because our crew was already at your home.


We Collect it All!

Whatever you want to have removed from your property, our crew can handle it, or we’ll find you someone that will.  We have the right equipment and the experience to safely and efficiently load and haul all types of loads.  From random garbage, to piles of yard waste, to entire scrap cars and appliances, just give us a call!  We’ll give you an estimate right over the phone.


We Also Provide Demolition Services

Do you have a shed or an outhouse you need removed?  No problem, we’ll safely dismantle it and take it all away, for a fair price.  We’ll sort everything we take down and recycle it at the appropriate facilities.

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We Recycle

By the way – we try to recycle everything we pickup!  Not only does recycling save us money (versus paying tipping fees at the dump), it’s better for the environment.  We also try to donate items to donation centers and thrift stores, wherever possible.  So rest assured that we’ll always try to put the items we pick up back to good use.  After all, one person’s junk could be another person’s treasure!

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