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Eco Junk Removal serves customers in Niagara Falls and Chippawa.  We are experienced with all kinds of junk removal, even the stuff the other guys won’t touch!  Our philosophy is whatever it takes to serve our customers and get the job done right!

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Junk Removal VS Dumpster Rental 

If you are currently in need of junk or construction debris removal services in the Niagara region, then perhaps something you have already considered is whether or not you should rent a dumpster to dispose of everything instead of hiring a junk removal service. While both are viable options, it is a good idea to weigh both services against each other and compare what each has to offer before proceeding with one or the other.

The first and most obvious difference is that when you hire junk removal professionals to aid in clean-up, you will have a team of people at your disposal to do all the heavy lifting for you, whereas when you rent a dumpster, you would be the one responsible for how it gets filled. After moving all debris, yard waste, furniture, etc., into the dumpster yourself, you would then have to arrange for the company to come and pick it up, and they would, in turn, become responsible for the disposal process – most likely taking everything to landfill, and not doing any recycling. A junk removal team that’s conscious about the environment, like Eco Junk Niagara, would take all materials away immediately after filling their truck, leaving you no downtime in-between, and would also recycle as much as possible. The junk removal service approach provides a higher level of environmental consciousness than the dumpster rental, so junk removal is the better choice if you want to rest easy knowing your waste materials will be disposed of both safely and properly.

Another difference between the two services is that a team of junk removal professionals will also come equipped with all tools and training necessary to get the job done, whereas with a dumpster rental, you are again responsible for how the dumpster gets filled; and while that may not sound like that big of a deal, if you are disposing of furniture and other heavy items, being ill-equipped for the job can sometimes pose a health and safety risk. We would advise that if you are going to rent a dumpster to dispose of things yourself, that you do so safely and properly as to not cause harm to yourself, or others; so on top of dumpster rental fees, you should also account for moving equipment rental for any larger, heavier items.

Junk removal services and dumpster rental companies can both accommodate large jobs, with junk removal trucks spanning up to 112 square feet, and dumpster rentals ranging from 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40-yard dumpsters; so if you were worried about a company not being able to handle the size of your job, don’t be! You can also arrange for more than one truck or dumpster, as well as more than one trip to your local waste management site or recycling center.

Dumpster rental services may also have a list of prohibited items, meaning you cannot dispose of certain materials, or mix different materials in specific bins. For example: if you are looking to rent a dumpster, the types of materials allowed are household junk, remodeling debris, yard waste, roofing materials, and heavy debris like concrete and asphalt. Items that are prohibited from being placed in a dumpster rental include food waste, refrigerators, air conditioners, water coolers, batteries, car tires, and industrial materials such as oils, fuels and paints. While a dumpster rental company has a list of restrictions, a junk removal company is typically equipped to handle the removal and disposal of these items, giving them an obvious advantage.

And now for our last, and probably most important difference – cost. Surprisingly, the difference between renting a dumpster and hiring a junk removal team is negligible. A fully loaded junk removal truck can cost you upwards of $500, while a 40-yard dumpster can cost you around $400 in rental fees. For only an extra $100 you can have an entire team of people, with their own equipment at the ready, to safely and more efficiently dispose of your waste!

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