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We assist many clients that have recently sold real estate property and require our junk removal services before the closing date.  We can also help you move at the same time!

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junk removal plus moving services

Junk Removal PLUS Moving

Quite frequently, we’ll be hired by homeowners for junk removal services as a recently sold property approaches its closing date.  Oftentimes, the homeowners want to keep several large items, but they can’t move these items on their own.  With one call to Eco Junk Removal, your junk removal and moving services can be handled at the same time.  Since we’re already at your property, our moving fees are very economical.  Save time and money by using our moving services today!

Our Moving Services

We’ll move anything!  We have the equipment and expertise to safely move your items, big or small. 

economical moving services

Economical Moving Services

We have a 16′ trailer, or we have access to a moving truck with an enclosed box. 

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Expertise and Equipment

We also have dollies, blankets and plastic wrap to keep your items safe from the weather and from scratches.

More About Moving


Even if we’re not already doing a junk removal job for you, consider us for your next moving job!  We’ll happily review the details of the job with you and provide a free estimate.  We’re very confident you’ll find our price and service to be the best in the region!  

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