Junk Removal Pricing Niagara

The million dollar question – how much do you charge? The answer depends on the volume and weight of the items we’ll be removing. We don’t have any minimums, and we accept single item removals. We also pretty much accept anything you need to be removed!  So go ahead, do your worst and we’ll take it away!

Big pile of yard waste

We Only Do Full Service Removal

Our pricing is based on full-service removal.  You show us what needs to go, and we do all the work.  Depending on the job, we’ll use 1 to 3 people to get it done quickly and efficiently.

Our Pricing Model

We base our estimates off the volume of what needs to be removed, and then make adjustments for the weight of the items.

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Volume-based Pricing Estimates

Half load, approx 6 cubic yards – $225

3/4 load, approx 10 cubic yards – $315

Full load, approx 15 cubic yards – $440



Full Load Price ~15 cu yards

Our Prices Won’t Be Beat

We are very confident that our $440 price point for approx 15 cubic yards of junk is the best in the region.  We back that price up with prompt, friendly service and we’re fully insured to work in or outside your home.

fully insured

More About Our Junk Removal Pricing


We use the volume-based pricing model described above to give estimates over the phone and in person.  The final price is always tentative on exactly how much our trailer gets filled up and the weight of the items we pick up from you.  Lighter items will cost us less, so we’ll pass those savings onto you.  Conversely, heavier items will cost more, so additional charges may apply.  Each job is unique, so we take the time to evaluate what we’re removing and we’ll let you know if additional charges apply.


Additional Charges


The following items/situations may result in additional charges, to be determined after a review of the job site:

Hazardous waste, propane tanks, heavy items, tires, railway ties, liquid waste, sand bags, items with a dimension larger than 7′, walking more than 100 feet one way, more than one flight of stairs, and elevators.


Some Extra Charge Examples…

additional charges pavers

Large pavers - $10 each

Large pavers like the ones in the above image are heavy and add to our disposal costs.  We charge $10 per large paver.  Smaller pavers are no charge, unless they fill up a bin.  In that case, we charge $50 per bin.

additional charges liquids

$50 per bin of liquids/household hazardous

Liquid/hazardous waste can’t be sent to landfill. It takes us extra time to sort through liquid and household hazardous waste, plus extra fuel to drop these items off at the proper handling facilities around the region.

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