is junk removal free

If you have a project that requires the clean-up and disposal of materials like yard waste, debris, building materials, old electronics or appliances, and general junk, then you may be wondering what the most efficient way to handle everything is; and our number one recommendation would be junk removal services. Now you might be wondering, “junk removal services, now how much would that cost? Is it free?”, and the short answer is “unfortunately, no,” but if you are still interested in seeking out a removal service, we are going to talk about just why that is, and what exactly you can expect from paying professionals to aid you in getting your property looking all spic-and-span!

So, let’s start by further addressing the question “is junk removal free?” Now we understand why someone might expect a service like this to cost nothing; we dispose of garbage for free all the time, it is not often that we have to pay to get rid of our refuse, so what makes utilizing a junk removal service any different than your typical waste disposal? The first and most obvious difference is that by hiring a team of professionals, you would be responsible for their labour fees. A lot of junk removal services will offer an assessment/quote for free, but should you go on to hire them, you would be footing the bill for all work completed. There are also costs for the truck required to haul the junk away, there may be a fee for the gas used to complete your job (this typically seems to be when a removal company has a longer drive to a disposal site, or if a project requires multiple trips), but the cost will primarily come from how full the truck is once all junk has been removed from the premises; this is usually determined by measuring how many cubic feet are being occupied.

Something else that affects the cost of junk removal is the type of junk that needs to be hauled away, for example: disposing of broken down appliances, like a refrigerator or washing machine, would cost more than the removal of yard waste, because appliances have to be disposed of much differently than yard waste, which can be composted and broken down naturally. Other materials that may have different disposal prices (because of the manner in which they have to be thrown away) include: batteries, paint, electronics (televisions, computers, monitors, photocopiers, video game consoles, etc), and tires.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that can influence the pricing of a junk removal job, but each one is essential in creating a sustainable business that can not only work efficiently, but dispose of refuse in a safe and proper manner, which is detrimental in protecting the environment and natural ecosystems. We understand that having to spend even more money on something is not always ideal, but know that by hiring a junk removal service and taking care of those disposal fees, you are ensuring that your project is finished wholly and safely, and that is the best outcome one could hope for!