Decluttering Your Basement

Don’t let junk and random possessions you no longer use get in the way of starting a new project to reclaim the space in your basement.  We’ll haul it away for very reasonable prices!

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Cleaning Out Your Basement is Easy!

If you call us!  We’ll do the heavy lifting for you and properly dispose of the items we collect, recycling whenever possible.  You might be concerned that it’ll be too expensive to pay someone to clean out your basement but this is our speciality.  Unlike the big junk removal companies, we are a local, Niagara-based business that prides itself on honest work in the community, at fair prices! 

Our Basement Cleanup Junk Removal Services

Check out what we can do with the junk in your basement!

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Junk in the basement - before

Here’s a pile of random junk in a basement that a homeowner called us to pick up.  No problem!

junk in the basement after

Junk in the basement - after

We removed all the junk in about 15 minutes!  Certain items in the pile were able to be recycled.  Note – the customer specifically requested us not to sweep up after because she was about to start demolition!


Average savings on basement junk removal

Save Money on Junk Removal!

Our customers frequently tell us our estimates are $100 less than the big junk removal companies.  We are here to serve and don’t mind doing some heavy lifting!

More About Basement Junk Removal

Do you have a bunch of random junk in your basement? You’re not alone! So do many other residents of the Niagara region. Our specialty is clearing this junk out of your basement, and out of your life.

If you have plans to start utilizing space that’s currently being occupied by junk and random debris, let us help you start the project by evicting the junk, so you can focus on re-inventing the space, with the goal of improving your happiness and life!

You might get anxiety thinking about what to do with the piles of junk in your basement. This anxiety may keep you from even going down into the basement since the “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” way of thinking is quite common. The accumulation of junk is also quite common, so whatever you do, don’t be embarrassed by the junk you might have in your basement because most of us have it as well!

If you stay in one place long enough, it’s natural that the things you possess will multiply over time. Conversely, if you move often, you might not have the opportunity to accumulate a large amount of junk because you’re used to living “lean” due to the constant moving.

When the time comes to declutter and get rid of the possessions you haven’t used for years, it’s important to think about how you’ll dispose of the items. Adding everything to landfill is not the best idea. It’s very likely that a majority of the items you need to get rid of can be recycled or reused by someone else. That’s where we come in! At Eco Junk, we know exactly how to deal with any item you want to get rid of. We partner with furniture banks across the region, and several thrift stores. Always remember that how you decide to dispose of your stuff can ultimately benefit others while preventing damage to the environment!

Some very common feedback that we hear while we’re out in the community performing our services is how reasonably priced we are, compared to the big junk removal companies. The minimum fees imposed by the big companies can be a tough pill to swallow for homeowners, especially in 2020 and beyond. Let’s face it, everyone is looking to save a buck these days. So call us first instead, because we don’t charge any minimums!

Our primary goal as local business owners is serving our community and getting junk out of your life so you can move on with it. We want you to get started on that next project and we have no problem working for a modest rate and passing on whatever tipping fees we incur at the dump. We have the equipment and the crew necessary to handle any type and size of load you have. Whether it’s located inside your house, in the garage, or outside, no problem!  Just give us a call or use the handy form below to get a quick estimate.

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