Antenna Removal Niagara

Do you have a large antenna mounted to your roof and/or the back of your house?  If you want it gone, just give us a call.  We have the skills and resources to safely remove and dispose of large or small antennas anywhere in the Niagara region.

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antenna removal niagara st catharines

Antenna Removal Made Easy

If you call us!  If you no longer use your antenna and consider it an eyesore or safety hazard on your property, let us remove it.  You might think that it’s too expensive to have a large antenna removed, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised!  Plus, other junk removal companies most likely won’t do this work because they lack the skills and experience to do it properly. 

Our Antenna Removal Services

Check out the before and after images of our antenna removal services in the Niagara region!

antenna removal before 1

Antenna removal - before

Here we have a large antenna that was mounted to the roof and back of the house in St. Catharines.

antenna removal before 2
antenna removal after

Antenna removal - after

Poof, antenna is gone!

Antenna Removal Done Right!

Our customers in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, Port Colborne and Grimsby are thrilled with our safe and affordable antenna removal services!

More About Antenna Removal

Not sure what’s involved with antenna removal?  It’s a risky undertaking for a homeowner, as it involves working at heights and special equipment to prevent property damage.  Prevent potential damage to your property and yourself by calling us!

We’ll do a thorough site assessment before commencing any work and call in additional resources to assist with the job, as necessary.  Safety is our top priority.

Once the antenna has been taken down, we’ll dispose of it by recycling as much of its components as possible.  Since most antennas are made of metal, they can be dismantled, sorted, and recycled.  This prevents anything from going to landfill!

We also remove satellites and any associated cabling.  So if you have a satellite dish mounted to your roof, chimney or house in the Niagara region, just give us a call and we’ll safely remove it!

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